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There have been added a few folders recently, which is why I thought it made sense to let you know where to upload your drawings!

This is where shipping drawings go. This means that your drawing must show Gary/Green and Melody. Other human characters are only allowed when there's visible romance/other kind of shipping activities between Gary/Green and Melody. Pokémon are allowed in any case.

Green-Gary Only:
Only drawings without any other human characters. Pokémon are allowed.

Melody Only:
Only drawings without any other human characters. Pokémon are allowed.

Group Pictures Including Gary or Melody:
This is the folder where drawings of either Gary/Green or Melody together with other human characters go. Furthermore, if you have a drawing that shows several human characters including both Gary/Green and Melody where these two have nothing to do with each other, please upload it here and not in the Featured folder. Pokémon are allowed in any case.

Stamps must show Gary/Green and Melody as a pairing.

Fan Fiction:
Any kind of fan fiction that contains at least some interaction between the two. Due to the fact that there are probably only very few fan fictions actually shipping Gary/Green and Melody, non-romantic interaction is also okay.

Thank you very much for your consideration!
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Reasons Behind the Ship

RedBownShipping is a crack pairing to most people. Of course it is; Gary and Melody have never even met each other....Or have they?

Gary was Ash's rival through Kanto and Johto, but then Ash beat him in the Johto League. After this, he went off to be a researcher like his grandfather. He returned in one chronicles episode and a few Diamond and Pearl episodes showing us he's still working towards his dream of research. However, throughout all of Hoenn, he never even appeared once. He didn't even see Ash until the very last episode of the Advanced Generation. He was missing when Ash came back from his Hoenn travels and no one saw him throughout all of the Battle Frontier saga. That leaves us with a question. Where was he?

The immediate assumption is that he was busy with field work. However, we know Ash and Gary are close friends, and had he been anywhere nearby, he probably would have made an effort to come and see Ash at some point. He never did, and thus, he had to have been somewhere far away. Of course he could have been in Hoenn or Johto or somewhere, but think. Where would he need to go for research? Perhaps his grandfather would suggest something. As a famous researcher, surly Gary would go with his idea. And where would Oak want to send him? Perhaps somewhere Oak had been before? A place catastrophe had struck almost a year previously? That's right friends. This is Shamouti Island and the surrounding Isles. Wouldn't Oak want to know how the place had recovered and developed? Wouldn't he have questions about the legendary Pokemon living there? Had the birds stayed on their Islands or been traumatized and left? And what had become of the beast of the sea? How was he? Surly there are many question Oak must have had swirling around his head.

But the professor cares about his grandchild and wouldn't send him without a contact. This contact would certainly be someone knowledgeable about the events; someone who had been out in the field when it all went down. Someone who lived there who could explain to Gary how things HAD changed. And what better contact then the girl who had summoned the legendary creature when the disaster had happened. He would call Melody.

It all fits. Brock has told us it takes nearly a month to get to the Orange Islands and who knows how much longer it would take to get to Shamouti. It would explain why Gary couldn't come back to see Ash and why he only returned at the very end of the Advanced Generation. And just because we didn't see it happen doesn't mean it didn't.

It isn't necessarily crack.

Think about it.

Gallery Folders

medio corazon by mia-andre14
melody y green by mia-andre14
melody y green by mia-andre14
melody y green by mia-andre14
Green-Gary Only
Gary (AG-DP) (01) by adfpF1
green con ketchup! by mia-andre14
Azul y Blastoise by adfpF1
Gary (OS) (01) by adfpF1
Melody Only
MaYonesa! by mia-andre14
Mi forma de decir gracias! by mia-andre14
Melody by mia-andre14
Play Me a Melody by Dotted-Quaver
Group Pictures Including Gary or Melody
Melody Stamp by malik-bakura
RedBrownShipping stamp by advanceshipperSkitty
Fan Fiction


melody y green by mia-andre14 melody y green :iconmia-andre14:mia-andre14 3 6 melody y green by mia-andre14 melody y green :iconmia-andre14:mia-andre14 2 5 The Female Rivals... by CarinaT The Female Rivals... :iconcarinat:CarinaT 368 333 Pokemon - Melody Sprite Revamp by ffbros Pokemon - Melody Sprite Revamp :iconffbros:ffbros 31 8



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A fan club for the newcoming Pokémon pairing Gary Oak and Melody from the second movie.
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And yes, it's Festivalshipping, that's its official name.
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